Special Menu Additions

Autumn Salad

Kale, green apple, candied walnut, crumbled bleu cheese and red onion.  Served  with a sweet toasted mustard seed vinaigrette.  $11


Fall Flatbread

Marinara, spicy sausage, cherry peppers, fresh mozzarella.  $11


Sprouts and Slab

Bourbon braised slab bacon, fried Brussels sprout, fried shallot, red pepper, locatelli cheese and fresh squeezed citrus.  $8


Steak and Potatoes

Blackened flank steak served with red bliss whipped mashed potatoes and fried Brussels sprout with roasted garlic.  $14


Fall Burger

8 oz. of freshly ground sirloin topped with sliced green apple, brie cheese and maple syrup.  Served with Isaac’s spiced fries.  $12.5


Pigs in a Blanket

Spicy sausage,  puff pastry, maple syrup.  Served with beer mustard.  $9



Chicken wings, homemade char-b-q sauce and scallion.  Served with carrot, celery and bleu cheese.  $10